5 Best Spec Low Pc in 2021

5 Best Spec Low Pc in 2021
5 Best Spec Low Pc in 2021

Light-themed games are one of the game's theme concepts that are currently quite popular with various players.

Now games with light themes have also decorated various theme concepts ranging from Simulation themes, war themes, racing themes, and various types of other game themes that you can find.

So, therefore, in this summary opportunity, Masjoox will discuss a lightweight PC game equipped with various features which are one of its advantages.

Okay, here is the list of the 5 best lightweight PCs in 2021 with the Picok Hd version and also Masjoox.com


Size: 2 GB

Mode : Online

Download Game : CHRONOSHOT

2. Project Senko 

Size : 3GB

Mode : Offline

Download Game : Project Senko 

3. Rekt Crash Test

Size : 100 MB


Download Game: Rekt Crash Test

4. Sector's Edge

Size : 1 GB


Download Game : Sector's Edge

5. Fromm the Shadow

Size : 1 GB

Mode : Offline

Download Game : Fromm the Shadow

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