I.    1. waisak is buddha's day of enlightenment, they hope for a better life
2. no, it wasn't. waisak was held on sunday
3. they came to watch release of 5000 lanterns
4. The main attitude for Buddhist is not let another human kind suffering.

1. These television sets are made by A Japanese firm.
2. This bag in the cloak-room yesterday was left by someone.
3. This dish has been ever tasted by me before.
4. My school fees would be paid by my aunt.
5. Dinner for her children was being prepared.

III.    1. Intan and Santi found The ring.
2. The boy plays football.
3. Alexander Graham Bell invented The Telephone.
4. The teacher completes the exercise.
5. Aisyah cleans the floor.

IV.     1. Well, it's 9 o'clock. We Have to go now
2. My sister can't dance now, but she could dance very well when she was a child
3. You Have to go to the dentist for getting good medical treatment
4. I don't have enough money to buy lunch. Can you lend me a couple of dollars?
5. Every citizen has to pay the tax to take a part in national construction.

1. If Rafli gets score more than 90, his mom buys PS5 for him.
2. Dinda would erase all policies she hated if she been a president.
3. If my brother studied hard, he would have passed the exam well.
4. Indonesian people would be safe from corona if they kept healthy environment.
5. You will never earn money if you just stay at home doing nothing.
6. 2020 grades would do UNBK if corona went away.
7. If my brother and I finish the homework this evening, we will watch TV tonight.
8. They would win the match if they had trained harder.
9. If I were rich, I would collect many branded bags.
10. The cock crows if morning comes .

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