6 Best Paid Games For Android

6 Best Paid Games For Android
6 Best Paid Games For Android

6 Best Paid Games For Android - Assalamu'alaiku my brother, welcome back to the Picok HD channel. Paid-themed games, is one of the game's theme concepts, which can now be said to be quite a lot of fun, by a variety of players.

Currently, paid-themed games have also been equipped with a wide collection of themes. Like adventure themes, simulation game themes, survival game themes, and various types of other paid game themes, you can find.

For this reason, in this video opportunity, Picok Hd will discuss paid-themed android and ios games, by providing a variety of themes that you can find.

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Okay, here is a list of 6 paid Android and iOS games for the Picok HD version, Enjoy watching.

Minecraft game

Who doesn't know this exciting game, the game that many of these ages play is an open world genre. Where users can freely play the game whether they want to complete a mission or something.

This game comes with an online system where users can play with various other users around the world. Even though the graphics look normal, this game offers a high level of excitement that you can feel when playing it.

Hitman Sniper Game

The next recommendation is the hitman sniper where this paid game is one of the most played games. This game comes with attractive graphics with a neat appearance, of course.

Seniper Hitman tells about a bayran exorcist who is ready to destroy all his enemies.

Get a variety of interesting excitement for every mission that is present at the levels that are offered in this game.

Size : 112MB

Download: Minecraft

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ready, who is not familiar with one of the famous game series in the world on this one, namely GTA or Grand Theft Auto

Where this one game will come with a slick performance when you play, because all the stories on the PS 2 platform are present in this game.

You can complete various types of missions, in this game the series is the same as reminiscing when playing this game on the Playstation 2 patfroam.

This game itself has a size that is quite small, only 1 GB.

Size : 1.76 GB

Mode : Offline

Download: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X is one of the best games ever released for the PlayStation console.

Now you can play the game made by SNK via a smartphone device.

In this game let you choose any mission that has been previously completed, and play them separately in mission-mode.

So, you can play your favorite missions and train on difficult missions.

The fun thing is, this game also has an autofire feature, which can make you shoot continuously, with just one button press.

In fact, if you think the button position is uncomfortable, you can move the position as you wish.

Size : 61 MB

Mode : Offline

Download: METAL SLUG X

Bully: Anniversary Edition

This one game, you know everything. Bully is a game from Rockstar Games which was released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 console.

This game is one of the most popular games of its era.

Similar to GTA, Bully is also full of violence.

Moreover, Bully uses the school environment as the background for the story. Therefore, Bully was banned in various countries, for example Brazil.

Yes, even though it's prohibited, this game is very exciting to play again.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Size : 2,0 GB

Mode : Offline

Download: Bully: Anniversary Edition

Monster Hunter Stories 

Want to try playing Monster Hunter Stories but don't have a 3DS handheld?

Don't worry, because Capcom has released it on the Play Store. Like the Monster Hunter game in general.

This one game will present an open world that is so beautiful and deadly because it is inhabited by various types of monsters.

The story of the Monster Hunter Stories game itself will focus on three young Monters Riders, namely the main protagonists Lilia and Cheval.

where they found an egg which contained the baby Rathalos which resulted in the expulsion of the three young men from the village.

Monster Hunter Stories

Size : 3,GB

Download: Monster Hunter Stories

That's our list of 6 best paid android and ios games.

What we have listed is in this video snippet, Hopefully the game recommendations can be useful for all of you.

And see you in our next video, Thank you for watching it until it runs out, Simple game, simple enjoy, see you

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