6 Best Base Building Games Android

6  Best Base Building Games Android
6  Best Base Building Games Android

6  Best Base Building Games Android
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The building game genre is one of the game genres that can be said to be quite liked by gamers on mobile, PC and other platforms.

Currently, building games are also equipped with fun and good elements, such as the open world genre, simulation genre, adventure genre, and many other game genres that you can find in building games.

For this reason, in this video, Picok Hd will discuss the building genre android game that you can download and play later.

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Okay, here is a list of 6 android games, themed to build, the best in 2021, the Picok HD version, and happy watching until the end.

My Idle City

The first game on this list is a game called My Idle City. In this game, players can create the desired dream city.

As the title suggests, this game focuses on the idle mechanics of the game. Where in the game, players can get income from each building automatically. This income can be used to increase the level of the building.

There are quite a number of buildings to be found in the game. Not only houses and apartments, you can build cafes, shops, factories, stadiums, parks, and so on.

Size : 62MB

Download Game: My Idle City

Crafty Town.

Unlike other city building simulation games, this game is not just about building cities. In this game, the players seem to create their own empire.

In the game, players can build various buildings and houses to become the biggest castle in the kingdom you design. What's interesting about this game is that players can repair various existing buildings.

The trick, simply overwrite the previous building by raising the floor of the building. As well as by placing them next to each other to expand the building.

Size : 82MB

Download: Crafty Town

Hype City game.

Back to the city building simulation game with idle type game mechanics.

Hype City is a simulation game in which players will invest in the city. The investment you make will affect the income that the city earns.

This game provides many buildings that can be purchased. You can build restaurants, hotels, houses, and a number of other buildings.

As you progress, various buildings can also be upgraded. Building improvements not only increase income. But also changing the design of the building to be cooler.

Size : 168MB

Download Game: Hype City

Sports City Tycoon.

The Sports City Tycoon game is quite different from most other city building games. In this game, players will build a sports city with various sports stadiums complete with the facilities and infrastructure in it.

Later players will see many visitors queuing to enter and buy tickets to the various sports stadiums that you build.

Interestingly, there are many sports stadiums that can be built. Such as tennis stadiums, swimming venues, athletic stadiums, and many other stadiums that you can build.

This game has colorful 3D graphics which are quite interesting. Complete with every athlete competing in every stadium. As you progress, there are also new areas to unlock.

Size : 58MB

Download: Sports City Tycoon

Pocket City.

Pocket City is a city building simulation game that provides 2 versions to play. Namely the free version and the premium version. The premium version of this game provides more complete features.

However, playing the free version is also quite interesting. This game will start from a building of the Capital City Hall. In this City Hall, players are tasked with building a lot of infrastructure such as roads, power plants and of course water sources.

These three components are the main components of the life of the people of the capital city. Which later, players can build a number of areas. Such as residential, industrial, and commercial areas.

The development process in this game takes a fairly short time. So that players can get a fairly rapid development.

Size : 29MB

Download: Pocket City

The game, titled Tap Tap Builder, is a city-building simulation game that is quite unique. If you want to build roads, housing, and other buildings, players are required to tap during the construction process.

In addition to tapping during construction and when upgrading, here players can also tap during other processes. Like getting money from offices, getting building materials, and so on.

Here players are also required to balance other factors. Starting from the total population, unemployment rate, to the risk of crime.

Because you have to tap on every development, of course this game requires more effort from the player to make the development of the city faster.

Size : 72MB

Download: Tap Tap Builder

That's the list of 6 android games, themed to build, the best in 2021 that you have watched until the end.

Thank you very much for watching our video, Hopefully our game recommendations can be useful for all of you, And see you in the next video summary of the best games list.

If you have suggestions or want to recommend other good games, you can post questions in the comments.

We all say, Simple Game, Simple Enjoy, See you in the next video.

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