Top 6 New Survival Games For Android 2021

Top 6 New Survival Games For Android 2021
Top 6 New Survival Games For Android 2021

Top 6 New Survival Games For Android 2021 -
Hello everyone, I'm Brandy, Welcome back, to the Picok HD Games channel.

The survival game genre is one of the game genres that can be said to be quite liked by gamers on mobile, PC and other platforms.

Currently, survival-themed games are also equipped with fun and good elements, such as the open world genre, simulation genre, adventure genre, and many other game genres that you can find in survival games.

For that, in this video, Picok Hd will discuss the survival genre android game that you can download and play later.

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Okay, here is a list of 6 android games, themed survival, the best in 2021 the Picok HD version, and happy watching until the end.

Horror Forest 3.

Horror Forest 3 is a survival game mixed with zombie and open world themes. This game also presents gameplay from a 3rd person point of view.

The presence of MMORPG elements allows you to play with other players online.

As a game set in a zombie apocalypse, you are also required to survive the zombie outbreak. As you progress, you can make a number of improvements to your weapon.

Conceptually, this game is actually quite potential. However, in this game there are still some bugs and shortcomings that you might find in the game.

Even so, this game is still good for you to play in the list of games this time.

Download Game: Horror Forest 3

Shelter War.

Still carrying the zombie apocalypse plot, this next game is a game that can be played while relaxing. The reason is, this game has a fairly simple gameplay. However, the features of this game are quite complex.

Unlike the previous game, the way to survive in this game is to create a shelter or shelter. In this place will be built various facilities needed to survive.

Various resources can be collected by exploring. You can fight in several stages. The fight itself will be done automatically. So you just need to form a strong team. There are also various weapons and equipment that can be used to strengthen each team member.

Size : 870MB

Download: Shelter War

Jurassic Survival.

If you are bored with survival games set in a zombie apocalypse, then maybe you can try this game. Jurassic Survival is a survival game where you have to survive in a world full of different types of dinosaurs.

In addition to surviving the attacks of dinosaurs and other players, of course, you'll also have to gather food and other necessary resources. With these resources, there are various items and equipment that you can make.

 You can also create shelters that can be used to store resources as well as shelters. Interestingly, the dinosaurs in this game can also be tamed.

In addition, the graphics presented in this game are quite futuristic and dynamic, so this game is perfect for you to play in this video list.

Size : 168MB

Download Game: Jurassic Survival

Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG.

Mutiny: Pirate Survival is another new survival game that is also interesting to play this year. As the title implies, here you will act like a pirate. The game will start by being placed on an island.

This island is inhabited by various wild animals ranging from iguanas, pigs, and the like. Later, you can build a shelter as you wish.

Apart from that, you can also explore a number of other places for resources. But of course you will also face other pirates.

For gameplay, the gameplay concept of this game is actually quite similar to other similar games. Like how to collect resources, fight, to make items.

Size : 290MB

Download: Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG

Last Island of Survival.

If you are looking for a survival game with multiplayer features, then Last Island of Survival might be an interesting alternative to try.

In this game you will be placed on an island. On the island there are various items, weapons, enemies, missions and others that you will face later.

Your task is to survive on the island. For that, you can build a residence and collect a number of items. You can also attack the player base, with attack mechanics that you can set to win the battle.

As a survival game, you are required to pay attention to the various needs of the characters being played. TPS display that is served is also quite good. So this game is good for you to play.

Size : 1.8GB

Download: Last Island of Survival

State of Survival.

Again taking the background of a zombie apocalypse, State of Survival has quite interesting gameplay. This game combines that theme with strategy-type gameplay.

In the game, you are required to isolate and survive in a base. Similar to the Shelter War game discussed earlier, here you can create various rooms. You can also make improvements to each room.

In search of resources, you will be faced with a fight against hordes of zombies. You can bring a number of characters into the exploration team. The composition of the characters must be adjusted to the needs.

During the battle, you can also use various unique skills of the character.

Size : 513MB

Download: State of Survival

That's a list of 6 android games, with the theme of survival, the best in 2021 that you have watched until the end.

Thank you very much for watching our video, Hopefully our game recommendations can be useful for all of you, And see you in the next video summary of the best games list.

If you have suggestions or want to recommend other good games, you can post questions in the comments.

We all say, Simple Game, Simple Enjoy, See you in the next video.

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