6 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android 2021

6 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android 2021
6 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android 2021

Best Truck Simulator Games for Android 202
1 - Hello everyone, I'm Sarah, Welcome back, to the Picok HD Games channel.

The truck simulation game genre is one of the game genres that can be said to be quite liked by gamers on mobile, PC and other platforms.

Currently, truck simulation games are also equipped with fun and good elements, such as the open world genre, simulation genre, adventure genre, and many other game genres that you can find in truck simulation games.

For that, in this video, Picok Hd will discuss an android game with a truck simulation theme that you can download and play later.

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Okay, here is a list of 6 android games, themed with truck simulation, the best in the 2021 version of Picok HD, and enjoy watching until the end.

Euro Truck evolution

Size : 52MB

Download Game: Euro Truck evolution

World Truck driving Simulator

Size : 45MB

Download: World Truck driving Simulator

Heavy Truck simulator

Size : 41MB

Download Game: Heavy Truck simulator

Truck simulator 2018

Size : 149MB

Download: Truck simulator 2018

Truck simulator USA

Size : 52MB

Download: Truck simulator USA

Trash truck simulator

Size : 36MB

Download: Trash truck simulator

That's a list of 6 android games, themed on the newest and best truck simulation in 2021, that you've watched until the end.

Thank you very much for watching our video, Hopefully our game recommendations can be useful for all of you, And see you in the next video summary of the best games list.

If you have suggestions or want to recommend other good games, you can post questions in the comments.

We all say, Simple Game, Simple Enjoy, See you in the next video.

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